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Lease an Ebees scooter today and optimise your travel with micro-mobility. Public transport isn’t
always reliable and rush hour can cause big delays so what better way to commute to work,
university, deliver meals or carry out daily errands by hiring an individual scooter?
Avoid traffic and saving you time. Get around easy with Ebees

Scooters From

Ebees scooters have an optimum range of 25-30km, with top speeds of 15mph. They are water resistant and have an LED headlight. All scooters come with a charger and a lock so you are always able to be on the move.

3 Easy Steps To Begin With EBEES

Reserve Scooter

Recieve Confirmation Email

Collect Your Scooter & Pay

Different Packages

Available in Manchester


Top Speed 15.5mph


LCD Screen with range, speed + time display


8.5 inch Wheels


Smooth ride with shock absorbers

Available in Manchester


City Style CST tyres


Front and rear mud guards


250W Motor power


24 miles per charge

Rental Deals


Per Scooter £12

Per Bike £12

Includes Charger

How It Works

How do I charge it

Plug charger into the scooter. Don’t charge
overnight or unattended and never charge it for
more than 6 hours. When the adapter light
indicated green the scooter is fully charged.

What If

If I breakdown

Contact Ebees via 03333 22 1818 or via email
[email protected]

I get into an accident

Please report it to Ebees and we will guide you
on how to proceed.

The bike gets stolen

Please report to Ebees as soon possible. Also file
a police report.


Are there speeding regulations?

Most cities have a maximum speed limit of
15mph, Ebees scooter(s) are within this limit.

What about helmets?

We as a company advise to wear helmets for
safety purposes. Each city is different for helmet
regulations and therefore we suggest contacting
your local traffic police for specific helmet laws.

Contact Us

Phone Number

03333 22 1818


412 Stretford road
M15 4AE

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